Still Have Questions?

  • Who is this course designed for?

    Specifically tailored to food service, this wellness training and certi cation program is perfect for chefs, food service managers, supervisors, support staff and others who are designing and implementing a healthy dining offer.

  • Is the information in this training course credible?

    Yes. It has been developed by dietitians, nutritionists and foodservice professionals who have compiled best practices and developed and implemented healthy dining programs in over 6000 establishments nationwide.

  • How can my staff get all the information they need on wellness in only six hours of content?

    This program cuts through the clutter of all the complex lengthy reports, information and misinformation on wellness and delivers the credible nuts and bolts needed to deliver a strong healthy dining program. It is a compilation of best practices and the most essential information on consumer and market trends, legislation, healthy dining principles including nutrition, food production and service, and concept development that provide participants with strong foundational knowledge needed for healthy dining success.

  • Can my staff stop and start the course at my convenience?

    Yes. The course is divided into six sections and conveniently taken on line, either all at once, or in increments depending on your student’s preference.

  • How do my staff obtain their certification?

    A certification is issued once the online exam is passed. The exam can be taken repeatedly until a passing grade is achieved.

  • How often do my staff need to renew their certification?

    The certification is good for 2 years and needs to be refreshed every two years to maintain the FSWC certification.

  • Is there any kind of guarantee?

    We are so confident that your staff will succeed in their certification that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

    Please note: refunds will only be issued if less than 50% of the course has been completed.

  • Is there a discount if we purchase multiple licenses for staff certification?

    Yes! Please complete the form below to request a quote for bulk licenses.